(Written on the occasion of Catherine
Vaughan's first kidney transplant
Revised on the occasion of her
passage from this plane--
a most beautiful spirit moves on)


From down deep inside of me
 I heard a faint voice calling:

"Give me back my dreams,
   now that I need them."

  in deeply colored
       twilight times   
   as my body moved 
           ever onward
    drawn on deeply flowing currents
             of desire
    tossed happily on tumbling
         streams of love
   I let them trickle
                        away.... . ..

 And so it is that
   in these ensuing
        twilight times
  as my mind moves
            yet onward
  on life's wounded wings
I now seek them

(The days are short
 along this road
the nights flicker and pass)

and as this journey continues
we move ever closer together
becoming in and of one another

Thus and so
with these words
we invite these dreams,
once again,
to move within
and with us

to move
  now rocking 
        in an undulating 
  now clinging 
           in perfumed 

as though
       I pulled you close,
as though
       you held me tight
as though
       we moved in each other's passion.

thus and so 
       I reached for you,
and thus and so 
       you took me
and for that fleeting moment
       we were each other's joy

with moaning delight
we called this movement
      toward joy: love

and, now I still hear
         those soft sighs
            that so sweetly whispered: 

           "dreams are never lost...."



Christmas 1985-Aug2000