Just another country western song

 His pickup.
                  And hers.
        hood to hood
  in the
  parking lot....
        motors running.

 He leans in toward her.
 His boot on her running board
 as she leans out the open door
                                               way out
 His hat covers them both
        as they kiss

  I am idling at the red light
  Looking into the parking lot
        Seeing          Watching

 Two swirling clouds of electrons
 held together by who knows what
  long ago moment like this one...

  Damn!  the light is fixing to change
  I look once more

 at the blood pounding
            hard breathing
            hormone fog

 Call the tornado of testosterone, Buck
 Call the whisper of estrogen, Cindy
 Listen to the song

 The chemical song of ovum to sperm
 Catch me if you can
 I’m hiding where you can’t find me
 But you’re getting warm
 you’re absolutely hot
 Puhleeeeze find me!

 Call it love
 Call it lust
 Call it just another
 country/western song

 The music is the twang of hormones
 heart pounding, hard breathing
 intercourse of pheromones

 We’re in a parking lot,
 Where do we go from here....?

 Damn, the old lady’s home...
 Let’s go to your place

 Something wants to be born.
  It is potential being
 driving them....

  I can’t stay.  The light is changing.
  Red to Green.
  It’s not my story this time.
  No, not this time.

  It’s just another country western song
        but it’s not sad

Tucson 2003

(c)Copyright Allan Bazar 2003